Iran deal, what’s next?

Sanctions relief: Representatives from the USA and other nations will meet to decide which sanctions to relax in return for Iran limiting some of its nuclear activities.

Create a commission: A joint commission of Iranians and experts from six world powers will be formed to oversee the deal’s implementation.

Inspections: The United Nations nuclear watchdog agency, the IAEA, will meet to discuss how to handle additional inspections under the deal.

Cap enrichment activities: Iran is supposed to stop making nuclear fuel that is close to weapons grade, but says first it needs to built a facility to do that.

Inspections and verification: Iran is required to reveal where some of its nuclear facilities are that it has refused to open to inspectors.

Consult with Israel: Israel will send a team to Washington to consult and monitor the process.

What’s in the deal: Iran will keep the nuclear equipment it has been using to enrich uranium but promised to cap enrichment at a level below that needed to fuel an atomic bomb. The country agreed to new inspections but not to dismantle its enrichment equipment. In return the USA and other nations agreed to relax economic sanctions imposed to get Iran to end all enrichment as demanded by the U.N. Security Council.